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  • “Matt lives down the street from me. I am very lucky. Our kids get together all thetime—they have sleepovers and parties. We try to produce movies together asmuch as we can. We share scripts and give each other advice. We watch footballtogether and do things that people do. ”x

  • “I don't think think we have changed that much.”x

  • "last time you laugh to cry?" "Usually when I'm with Ben." x

  • "I can't recall any specific thing except getting up onstage and pushing Ben to the microphone because neither of us had planned a speech, nor had we even talked about it, because we both knew, without saying this to each other, that we would be jinxing it." x

  • “But I've been there for 37 years.” x

  • "who's more likely to leave you with the tab?" "(一声轻蔑的哼哼,举起了Ben的大脸)That was easy." x 这视频可爱到昏厥

  • "But I had good friends. I had Matt Damon." x

  • "I'd lay down in traffic for the guy. Y'know, he's my best pal. I'dpretty much do anything for him."x

  • "On Sundays I like to watch the Patriots with Matt. That's a nice, relaxing day."x

  • "where to find Matt?" "Beach/ Bar/ My Bed" x

  • "I can't tell you how valuable it is to have somebody who's been through things with you, ups and downs, who knows what your life experience is like, who can identify with that." x

  • "Where's Matt" 系列 x x x

  • 3 years in a row=chrismas together >< 

  • a very long (too long) hug x

  • The accountant VS Jason Bourne x

  • guys of the decade x

  • Omaze 秀恩爱(为了公益)(不是) x x

  • World series of Poker 2009 x


我贴的全都是原始新闻链接,其中很多其实都已经有翻译了,在微博@mattben-benmatt 找就好。


1 CP号也发单人相关,而且很多料是转发,不太好找。磕糖不爽,不方便卖安利


2 很多料只有片段、截图、翻译,没有原文/原视频地址。考据党(i.e. 我)如果不看到二次加工前的context 就总担心吃了假糖(没有),百爪挠心浑身难受

3 希望全世界都来吃我们梦幻RPS,真·RPS同人严重不足,我嗷嗷待哺

4 列梗真爽

今天就到这儿吧 我快困到猝死了(

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